About Us

About Us

The way we communicate services has changed, and the expectations of clients are higher than ever. We now embrace film content as the medium of choice to view on and off-line, so why should real estate be any different?

The internet has changed the way we connect
Propertyshooting was born in 2011 with a desire to create exceptional films that showcase fine homes, commercial industrial property, hotels and resorts. Since inception we have expanded to a creative hub for all aspects of property marketing.

Our films are beautifully shot for a cinematic feel that creates emotional engagement in a way photographs never could. “It’s the way clients want  to view property”.

As a creative hub our talents come from many aspects of film making, design, print, CGI animation and augmented reality, allowing us to produce and deliver solutions for all your media needs. Resulting in a complete project that showcases your brand as forward thinking and cutting edge.

We are at the forefront in creative design, concept and visualisation.

Call us on 020 7458 4658 or email [email protected]

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